For many of you, putting words to paper is a core marketing function. It’s part of your job description and you know it needs to get done.

But it is also a time-consuming challenge.

After all, you’re a busy person. Your days are filled with product reviews, cross-functional meetings, events, and briefings. You’re off trying to please customers, partners, sales people and executives.

  • If you’re on the hook for a series of blogs, copy for a demand generation campaign, or even a product brochure, you’re fitting that work around all your other responsibilities.
  • Or maybe you’ve gotten the ideas for a white paper from an engineer or a technology evangelist, but you have to carve out time to turn them into a marketing resource.
  • Or perhaps you have a product launch and need a full blown messaging exercise finished… in two weeks.

Writing takes time and attention – which are in short supply.

When your day is broken up with dozens of activities, it’s hard to do. And to make matter worse, the process can be a pain. You have to read source content, interview experts, conduct reviews, and then hopefully learn something from the experience.

Here’s the thing. The words you use for content marketing matter. The Content Marketing Institute points out that only 32% of B2B organizations are satisfied with their efforts. Part of that dis-satisfaction comes down to not having a better way to get words on paper, reviewed, and out into the world.

That’s where we help you succeed.

Fortunately, we’ve been in your shoes and know what you’re facing. We combine our knowledge of technology, our understanding of the marketplace, and fifteen years of writing experience into a turnkey approach to helping you get content marketing done.

We have a simple five-step process to ensure success.

  • We work with you to focus on audience and purpose.
  • We identify the right tone and voice as well as your call-to-action.
  • We review source content, conduct research, and lead subject matter expert interviews.
  • We signpost our progress and manage reviews.
  • We wrap up with insights from the project to support continuous improvement.

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  • Brian excelled consulting on our recent product launch. He internalized our strategy and tactics, executed essential launch deliverables with minimal input, managed additional contractors, provided unexpected improvements, and achieved everything before the deadline. I will use Brian again and I recommend him for your marketing consulting projects.

    Kim McMahon, Partner Marketing, NetApp
  • I was lucky enough to work with Brian on many projects and he approached them all with the same attitude of enthusiasm and detail. A great team player and superb execution.

    Iain Davie, Regional Alliances Manager, VMware
  • I found Brian’s mix of skills to be a rare combination in marketing. He understands what the field and sales people are looking for from marketing, he has a strong grasp of the underlying technology, and he has the marketing sense to put it all together in a package that helps drive the business forward. Plus, he does all of this with a positive and professional attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with on projects.

    Scott Horst, VP of Marketing, Compellent
  • His strong technical focus, combined with attention to detail and an easy communication style really made him a strong asset to support a sales organization. Brian conducts himself professionally with the highest of integrity and remains calm under pressure.

    Ciara Lyons, Manager EMC Demand Centre
  • Brian is the ideal person you want to work with: knowledgeable, understands priorities and what is just distraction, customer-focus, how to get things done – the right way, collaborative, understands how to craft a story that will resonate and he brings a wealth of perspective across geographies, technologies and user pains and benefits.

    Greg White, Senior Manager, Product Marketing / Commvault
  • When you need it done, turn to Brian. During the past 3 years working directly with Brian, I’ve watched him plow through numerous complex problems achieving just the right outcome.

    Michael Grant, Marketing Director, Enterprise Storage Marketing / Dell

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