Frequently Asked Questions.

Thanks for your interest in what we do. If you have questions outside the scope of this FAQ, don’t hesitate to contact us. An initial one-hour discussion is complimentary.

Most projects automatically include two revisions which are included in the fee. However, if your revision requests come thirty days after initial submission, if they involve a change in direction, scope or format, we’ll need to discuss additional payment.

That depends on your needs and the scope of your project. Though at times we can guarantee a quick turn, a minimum of two weeks is realistic.

Larger projects – such as a complex white paper or messaging initiative – often require more time. Some projects — like developing all the deliverables for a product launch — can take months.

In addition, if inputs take time, you have to factor that in. For example, if you’ve hired us to devise and run a case study program, we have to have customers who are willing to talk about the product. Finding willing customers could take six weeks or six months.

Step 1: Initial consultation. This is a freebie, where we talk with you for an hour to scope the project. We’ll either send you a questionnaire or fill it out on the call. Once it’s done, we’ll send it back for you to confirm. That process cuts down on confusion, sets expectations, and lets us give you an accurate quote.

Step 2: Proposal & Payment. First, we will send a proposal agreement (the project quote we furnish you), which needs to be signed and sent back. We also require 50 percent of the project fee to begin work except under special circumstances that are spelled out in the agreement.

Step 3: Non-disclosure agreement. We find it’s best to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before beginning work to give you a level of confidence that your intellectual property won’t be disclosed. We have a standard NDA that streamlines this process – both parties sign, date, and keep copies for their records.

Step 4: Information gathering. We like to get as much information as we can beyond the questionnaire. We often find useful facts in an MRD, PRD or training deck if they’re up-to-date. If it’s an existing product, we welcome the opportunity to read case studies, white papers, etc.

Step 5: Creative Brief. We create a creative brief for your project, leveraging the questionnaire and your source content. To do the project well, we need some important information regarding your product/service, offer (if any), positioning, value proposition, target audience, competition and so on.

Step 6: Questions. Once we have the brief finished, we’ll share it with you to ensure that everything is accurate. At this point, we will probably have some questions.

1) One-off deliverables (spec sheets, training presentations) are quoted at a consistent flat fee. We’ll be glad to send you a price sheet upon request.

2) Projects are quoted at a fee that’s tailored to your requirements, such as the number of deliverables, timelines, whether it’s a new product or an existing one, and so on.

3) Defined-benefit commitments: These are longer-term engagements where we give you priority handling, and a discount, for long-term engagements.

4) Retainer: This is where you pay for a set number of hours and we offer priority handling, night/weekend availability, and a discount.

We focus on data center technologies – hardware, software, and services, as well as various cloud implementations. We also deliver content for mobile application developers and mobile advertisers. We can easily stretch into other B2B technology solutions, but it’s not our core expertise.

For more information, review our Services page.


  • Brian excelled consulting on our recent product launch. He internalized our strategy and tactics, executed essential launch deliverables with minimal input, managed additional contractors, provided unexpected improvements, and achieved everything before the deadline. I will use Brian again and I recommend him for your marketing consulting projects.

    Kim McMahon, Partner Marketing, NetApp
  • I was lucky enough to work with Brian on many projects and he approached them all with the same attitude of enthusiasm and detail. A great team player and superb execution.

    Iain Davie, Regional Alliances Manager, VMware
  • I found Brian’s mix of skills to be a rare combination in marketing. He understands what the field and sales people are looking for from marketing, he has a strong grasp of the underlying technology, and he has the marketing sense to put it all together in a package that helps drive the business forward. Plus, he does all of this with a positive and professional attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with on projects.

    Scott Horst, VP of Marketing, Compellent
  • His strong technical focus, combined with attention to detail and an easy communication style really made him a strong asset to support a sales organization. Brian conducts himself professionally with the highest of integrity and remains calm under pressure.

    Ciara Lyons, Manager EMC Demand Centre
  • Brian is the ideal person you want to work with: knowledgeable, understands priorities and what is just distraction, customer-focus, how to get things done – the right way, collaborative, understands how to craft a story that will resonate and he brings a wealth of perspective across geographies, technologies and user pains and benefits.

    Greg White, Senior Manager, Product Marketing / Commvault
  • When you need it done, turn to Brian. During the past 3 years working directly with Brian, I’ve watched him plow through numerous complex problems achieving just the right outcome.

    Michael Grant, Marketing Director, Enterprise Storage Marketing / Dell

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