We can write intelligently and effectively about many complex technologies. Explore what we’ve done!

img1OpenStack Foundation Report on NFV:
With this project, a tight timeline and complex contributors list meant that we had a very busy time organizing content, standardizing tone and voice, and designing the paper. We often drive collaborative projects like this for the OpenStack Foundation because our technical expertise helps to accelerate and enhance their deliverables. (Jan 2016)

img2Composable Infrastructure Blog:
This post, ghostwritten for Dell, was aimed at highlighting the concerns Dell has with an emerging approach to IT infrastructure. This post got over 1000 shares and was written up by various media outlets. Why? Because, in an interesting coincidence, two days later, a competitor announced a huge composable infrastructure product family that wouldn’t be shipping for 6-9 months. Sometimes timing is everything. (November 2015)

img3Luxury Residential Blog:
We’ve been ghostwriting blog posts for Phunware for about fifteen months. This stands out because it was aimed at a very narrowly defined vertical – millennials who live in luxury residential properties. Phunware is a mobile developer and advertising company with distinctive vertical emphasis. This post is typical of our work for Phunware – we build impactful stories, based on research, that build a sense of thought leadership and confidence. (October 2015)

Samsung Smart Signage Brochure:
Samsung is working to be a leader in commercial displays for small and medium businesses, and we was brought in by an agency to build training resources, a sales guide, and a series of both horizontal and vertical brochures for the new initiative. This was an interesting opportunity to take a brand new product category to market. Samsung continues to leverage our work in different markets. (May 2014)

BMC and Dell White Paper:
This whitepaper took new messaging to marketing for the Dell and BMC partnership. Partnerships and alliances drive much of our work. Managing two marketing teams, usually with different views on tone, style, target audience and objectives, is a challenge, but it’s routine for us. This is a semi-academic paper, fairly formal and structured like a typical white paper. Dell continues to be one of our most valued clients, and I’ve worked on several Dell partnerships, including Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft. (October 2013)

Solarwinds Competitive Campaign: This demand generation campaign was aimed at promoting Solarwinds(tm) Storage Profiler over comparable tools from a Tier 1 storage vendor. This was a good opportunity to go deep into the technology, because Solarwinds sells this product almost exclusively to IT administrators. The key to this successful campaign was tying technology to benefit while exploiting competitive gaps and weaknesses. (Jan 2013)

AWAI B2B Reality Blog:
Brian wrote this blog for a marketing association that trains copywriters, graphic designers, and other marketing specialists. It resulted in a significant uptick in sales for several products while boosting customer satisfaction. Here you’ll see a very informal tone of voice and style to align with the association’s customer base. (Jan 2013).


  • Brian excelled consulting on our recent product launch. He internalized our strategy and tactics, executed essential launch deliverables with minimal input, managed additional contractors, provided unexpected improvements, and achieved everything before the deadline. I will use Brian again and I recommend him for your marketing consulting projects.

    Kim McMahon, Partner Marketing, NetApp
  • I was lucky enough to work with Brian on many projects and he approached them all with the same attitude of enthusiasm and detail. A great team player and superb execution.

    Iain Davie, Regional Alliances Manager, VMware
  • I found Brian’s mix of skills to be a rare combination in marketing. He understands what the field and sales people are looking for from marketing, he has a strong grasp of the underlying technology, and he has the marketing sense to put it all together in a package that helps drive the business forward. Plus, he does all of this with a positive and professional attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with on projects.

    Scott Horst, VP of Marketing, Compellent
  • His strong technical focus, combined with attention to detail and an easy communication style really made him a strong asset to support a sales organization. Brian conducts himself professionally with the highest of integrity and remains calm under pressure.

    Ciara Lyons, Manager EMC Demand Centre
  • Brian is the ideal person you want to work with: knowledgeable, understands priorities and what is just distraction, customer-focus, how to get things done – the right way, collaborative, understands how to craft a story that will resonate and he brings a wealth of perspective across geographies, technologies and user pains and benefits.

    Greg White, Senior Manager, Product Marketing / Commvault
  • When you need it done, turn to Brian. During the past 3 years working directly with Brian, I’ve watched him plow through numerous complex problems achieving just the right outcome.

    Michael Grant, Marketing Director, Enterprise Storage Marketing / Dell

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